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Vegetation Management Services

Fire Hazards, block and brush clearing and garden servicesIf you have a job around the house, business or garden that includes trees, shrubs or hedges you'll love our arborist services. Everything from fire hazard reduction, block clearing and clean up to tree planting, trimming and wood chipping. We are a one stop vegetation management business servicing the Central Coast, Newcastle & Lake Macquarie regions with quality tree services.

Fire Hazard Reduction - fire safety is important both in the home and for commercial places of business. Surrounding trees and or bush land can impose great fire dangers and prevention is the best protection. Clearview Tree Service can help clear known fire hazards and advise you of future planning in vegetation management to aid fire hazard reduction.

Block & Bush land Clearing or Thinning - Today we need to not only live within our environment but also show care and protection towards it. Clearview Tree Service can arrange a vegetation management plan specific to your needs, work with you in regards to meeting any council or environmental guidelines and also do all the hard work of clearing bush, shrubs, rubble and trees. This type of service can extend to clearing room for new buildings, extensions to buildings, ongoing maintenance of rural property or land, implementing or up keeping of fire trails and fire barriers or removal of species of trees and or shrubs that are considered to be pests within our environment.

Garden Services - Our pruning, cutting, trimming and clearing services are also incorporated into our general garden management services. Whether your garden needs a spring tidy up or ongoing management, Clearview is here to help.

Tree Planting - We can offer our professional advice to help you select and or source the perfect type of trees, shrubs or hedges for your garden. We are happy to offer our professional knowledge and services to suit your needs.