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Arborist Consulting Services & Reports

Tree hazard and health assessment reports, commonly used when a tree consent application has been denied, the applicant is then usually advised to get an independent arborists report to either back up the findings of the councils inspection of the tree, or possibly find fault in the tree that the councils inspection may have overlooked.

Tree audit or tree schedule reports are commonly used for Development Application’s and tree management plans. Before development of a site where trees are involved, or before plans are made for larger scale tree pruning, tree removal and on going tree care, the client will need to know exactly how many trees, what species, tree condition, and where the trees are located on there site.

Tree Identification reports are used when the client has a tree on their property that they are unable to identify. There are many protected and endangered species of trees, whether these trees are on private, commercial or public land, there are large penalties for removal or pruning of these trees.

These are just a few examples of the reports Clearview Tree Service can provide. David Morrison owner operator of the business is a qualified level five arborist, and is able to write any report needed for private or commercial clients.

On-site Assessments         

Call 0417 219 118 to book an onsite assessment on your trees health, structural integrity, or some advice on what you are planning to do in your yard regarding small to large development or landscape design. 

David Morrison - Level 5 Arborist
David Morrison.